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The Intelligent Way to Exercise

What's all the fuss with pilates and, what is Garuda? Let's talk, as this is what Move Garuda Ltd is all about.

Pilates builds strength, flexibility and lean muscle with an emphasis on lengthening the body and aligning the spine. It focuses on core stability, including pelvic and shoulder girdle stabilization, neutral alignment and breathing. Pilates has become increasingly popular not only as a form of fitness, but also rehabilitation. It is used to progress individuals through movements that focus on strengthening the core while improving postural awareness and has proven to help with the prevention and alleviation of back, neck and joint pain.

So where does Garuda come in? Imagine combining the best elements of yoga, pilates, martial arts and dance into one practice. Garuda is the fusion of various practices allowing the participant to explore form, breath, fluidity and dynamic movement. Garuda focuses on actively lengthening the fascial system through focus on versatility, flexibility and precision of movement. Where Pilates ends, Garuda begins.

To achieve the highest accomplishments within the scope of our capabilities in all walks of life, we must constantly strive to acquire strong healthy bodies & develop our minds to the limits of our capabilities.

-Joseph H. Pilates